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Educational magazine delivery Service

You can enjoy the same educational service as in Japan.


Japanese corresponding educational service, 'Benesse,' "Dora-zemi" is available to subscribe. Even in Canada, your children can take the same level of educational service as in Japan. Meterials for 0-year baby to high school students are delivered to your home or office.

- Kodomo Challenge
  Educational materials and courses along with growing stages help to learn and experience unknown world. with "Shimajiro", a charactor that grows up with your children.

- Shinkenzemi Elementary School Courses
  This course provides effective learning by combining the up-to-date learning information and Benesse's know-how generated from 30-year history.

- Shinkenzemi Junior High School Courses
  Personalized materials and services are provided in order to efficiently and effectively develop children's ability.

- Shinkenzemi Senior High School Courses
  The most effective materials and the most suitable learning ways in the course enable children to maximize children's performance.